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  • Trumbull Locker Plant offers 4 Meat Package selections offering a selection of select Steaks, Pork, Chicken, Sausage and Ground Chuck. All packages are available by calling or stopping in to our store. Each selection is cut and packaged by Trumbull Locker Plant so you know you are getting the finest cuts of meat.

    Click on a package shown below to see all of the options and sections that are available with that meat package.
  • $275.00 MEAT PACKAGE

    $350.00 MEAT PACKAGE

    1/2 Beef (320-340 lbs)
    Front Quarter of Beef
    (160-180 Lbs)
    Hind Quarter of Beef
    (160-180 lbs)
    Whole or Half Hogs
    (180-200 lbs)

    $3.49 lb
    $3.39 lb

    $3.79 lb

    $2.49 lb
    $325.00 MEAT PACKAGE(s)

    $375.00 MEAT PACKAGE

    Sweet Italian Casings
    Hot Italian Casings
    Garlic Casings
    Green Onion Casings
    Sage Baby Links
    Maple Baby Links
    Amish Baby Links
    Sage Breakfast Patties
    Maple Breakfast Patties
    Amish Breakfast Patties
    $4.49 lb
    $4.49 lb
    $4.49 lb
    $4.49 lb
    $4.49 lb
    $4.49 lb
    $4.49 lb
    $3.99 lb
    $3.99 lb
    $3.99 lb

    Bulk Sausage Flavors: Sage, Amish, Maple, Hot, Sweet, Garlic, Green Onion, Plain

    Our Very Own Fresh Made Hamburger Patties - $5.49 lb
    Sizes: Quarter Pound, One Third Pound, and Half Pound
    Bacon Burgers - $6.49 lb
    Our Own Ground Chuck - $3.99 lb

    * Prices are subject to change without notice

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